Tips on How to get the Best Blow Dryer

Blow dryer also included in one of the most important things needed by a woman. A better hair by the help of blow dryer indeed will make a woman’s day even more beautiful and awesome. In this case, many women are curious about how to get the best blow dryer they can have. If you are on the same problem as well, all you need to do is just finish reading this article.

1. Power To make sure that you are picking the best blow dryer, you need to know about the power having by it at first. The more power it has, the faster your hair to dry. You must do not want to waste your precious minutes only for waiting your hair to get dry right? Therefore, it is important to go with hair dryer with high wattage. The best blow dryer often used by professionals is usually in 3600 wattage.

2. Smoothing Feature If the reason why you are looking for the best blow dryer is to get a smooth hair, there is one feature you need to make sure that it is present; ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic in the best blow dryer works on distributing the heat in more evenly. On the other hand, tourmaline is a type of mineral, which can seal the cuticle as well as retain the moisture. As a result, you will get a truly smooth hair if the best blow dryer you are going to buy has this feature.

3. Consider the Attachments In line with the previous topic, considering the attachments is also one important thing to consider if you expect to have smooth hair after using the best blow dryer. Attachments is important to help concentrating the air flow, so that it can blow on the spots you want to get smoothen. On the other hand, if you wish to curl your hair, it might be crucial to have diffuser with the best blow dryer you are going to buy.

4. Control for Power and Heat As for the last thing to consider, it is important for you having a good control of using the best blow dryer if you want to have amazing hair right after. When you want to remove the moisture of your hair, you need to higher the setting. On the other hand, you need to use the lower setting of the best blow dryer when your hair is about 90% dry.

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