How to Shave with Philips Electric Shaver

These days, the way we look is so important. Most people tough spend their money to get their best look ever. Attention become important thing recently. One simple way to get attention itself is taking care of face. Such put make up on for women and grooming beard for man. Do grooming beard more likely combination between simple and difficult. It’s simple when a man know how to do shave in the right way. It’s difficult when he doesn’t care and can’t grow the beard in short period of time. Philips electric shaver is one of the best shaver for grooming needs. Philips had great features in shaver and well-know on the market. Their selling product also arise recently. Great features and quality with an affordable price make their product develop quickly. Wanna know how to shave with philips electric shaver? Let’s take a look right on the tips below.

• Do pre-shave routine Most people skip this part because they think this one not quite important. Well, they are wrong. Pre-shave routine can impact your shave result in the end directly. You’ll be amaze with the result if you make this point as a routine. One example for pre-shave routine is lotion to get the hair softer • Use Philips electric shaver Next step if find out the best shaver for your beard. We recommend you to use Philips because this product work great on your beard. We assume based on customer reviews on Amazon. If you want high-end product, there’s plenty brand on the market. But get closeness result is the most important instead spending bucks through shaver. Further, Philips electric shaver not lost in competition with the other brand. • Make sure the blade is sharp After choosing Philips electric shaver, you have to make sure the blade sharp or not. If it is not, you need to replace the blade first to avoid irritation. Don’t let your skin end up with irritation because you careless about the blade itself • Hold the shaver greatly Make sure you hold the shaver greatly. You can choose which hand is dominantly to hold up the shave. Beside that, use the other hand to bottle up your face and directing the shaver. You can put your shaver closer to the grain but be careful. Because you using a sharp blade which is possibly to emergesnagging • Maintain your skin with shaving cream It is important to use shaving cream after you do shave. Purposely to avoid heat and forgiving shaving itself. Plenty brand of shaving cream available on the market. You can pick which one is yours. The best shaving cream you use, the best result will it be • Clean your Philips electric shaver The last step is do not forget to clean the shaver you used. Maintaining the shaver also important to make the shaver last for years. Further, who wants spending bucks in routine only for shaver? We noticed Philips as the perfect and great shaver these days. One of Philips electric shaver that we rocommend is Norelco HQ6900. Why? Because this product came out in great quality also reasonable price. If you getting curious about how great the product is, take a look on a review below.

1. Norelco HQ6900/41 Shaver 1100 – by Philips

Philips norelco electric shaver 6900is the perfect choise for shaver. From the product, expectations such a performance, quality, closeness, and stylish design offered. The precision engineer will help you get the sleek and smoothresult. The product came out in handled grip which help to control the movement. Philips Norelco lightweight because it’s just 14.2 ounces.

All the specs about Philips norelco electric shaver 6900: • Came out in self-sharpening blades may help you to cut off closer with durability until 25% • The systems inside Philips Norelco may help you out to get sleek and smooth result. Because the systems itself will follow your contour face • It is washable. Open the head up and clean the hair with water • As it recommend on Amazon, you may replace the head after 12 months of usage. This is important to keep the performance

Pros: • Product available in corded to get sustainable power • It is washable. You can clean the razor only in minutes and use it back in the next shave • Handled grip will help you to control the whole movement while shaving • Came out in reasonable price. It is only $45.99 and get free shipping on Amazon • Packaging include 2 items: protective cap and cleaning brush • Making a purchase will let you to get risk free trial in 45 days. Beside that, you also allow to get 2 years of warranty • On and off mode came up in larger button and lightly to operate

Cons: • Sometimes the blade getting hard to fit in in the spot they should be

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